By its nature, Wraparound involves working in close partnership with parents and carers.

Our Teaching Assistants are in touch with families by phone on a daily basis and each school has a Pastoral Lead who has specialist knowledge around safeguarding and support interventions. Staff develop close working relationships with parents, keeping them informed of how their child is progressing with their learning and development, and to discuss any issues that may have arisen during the day. Families keep us up to date with how things are going at home so staff can support children appropriately in school. 

 “When he began at ACE, I observed an instant change and within weeks, for the first time ever, he was accessing actual learning and had developed several positive relationships with staff.” 

Parent of a Year 10 Student 


 “I have found staff to be honest, helpful, understanding, and they go the extra mile for their pupils. I have found they are really co-operative to meet each child’s individual needs. 

Parent of a Year 11 Student 

Ace Dover road is without a doubt the most remarkable education provider I have ever come across. My son really struggled in mainstream education and was depressed, withdrawn, anxious and frightened to go to school. Since being at Dover road he has blossomed into a happy, engaging, bright and enthusiastic young man who loves to learn. I cannot thank all the Staff at Ace Dover road enough for helping my son become the young man he is today. Thank you! 
Dover Road Parent