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  • 25/03/21

    English and Drama Department Update

    By Abi Richards ~ HoD English and Drama
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  • 17/03/21

    PE Department Update

    By Jordan Dale (HoD PE)
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  • 10/03/21

    Plymbridge House Update

    By Kirsty Lambert (Head of Provision) 
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  • 01/03/21

    Half-termly Update from the Head

    ~ By Mr. Bindon (Head Teacher) 
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  • 03/02/21

    Maths Department Update

    Mathematics wherever you are ~ K Gladstone-Smith, HoD Maths
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  • 27/01/21

    Cornwall Update

    CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY TO ACE CORNWALL! ~ Lise Albert (Provisions Manager)
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  • 18/01/21

    Science Department Update

    Fun Science at Home ~ C Miller (HoD Science)
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  • 11/01/21

    Half-termly Update ~ Mr Bindon, Headteacher

    The Start of 2021
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  • 06/01/21

    Provision during National Lockdown

    If you or your child have any questions/issues around the remote learning offer please contact the staff at your child’s base as they will be able to help.
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  • 16/12/20

    Bretonside Pastoral Update - Football!

    By Adam Wood ~ Pastoral Manager
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  • 10/12/20

    Dover Rd Update

    By Phil Rowe (Base Manager)
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  • 03/12/20

    Creative Department Update - Art, DT and Computing

    By Sarah Bird (HoD)
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