ACE Primary, Secondary And Wrap Around Services

ACE health and Welfare

All pupils will remain on the roll of their home school and the prime responsibility for their education lies with that school.

Schools referring a pupil should liaise with appropriate medical professionals to ensure minimal delay in arranging appropriate provision for the child and providing professional advice.

The school and ACE should consult parents before teaching begins. Parents have an important role to play, whether their child is at home or in hospital.

Referral to the ACE service for pupils with medical conditions is made in the following way:

  • By direct referral to ACE or through the Primary or Secondary Placement Panels supported by a Medical Consultant’s written referral. These pupils will need to have a Plymouth Information Passport (PIP) prepared by the referring school or agency.
  • A student being admitted directly to Hospital or CAMHs residential care. students from out of City will have direct access if in-patients within a Plymouth hospital.

Permanently Excluded Pupils

The Plymouth City Council Inclusion Manager will inform ACE and ensure ACE have the PIP and other information and we will start education within statutory required time limits and meet with parents.

Referral direct from Schools

The school will complete a PIP and request support for the pupil, following discussion with the parent and ACE. ACE will arrange a meeting with the pupil, parent and school and start the pupil’s education as soon as possible.

Referral to the Secondary Placement Panel or Primary Panel

The school will complete a PIP following agreement with the parent. For pupils with no school placement the Inclusion Manager will provide the PIP. The panel will decide what education ACE is to provide and ACE will then arrange a meeting with the pupil, parent and school and start the pupil’s education as soon as possible.

Referral to ACE via Plymouth City Council Special Education department

For pupils with a statement of special need or Education Health and Care plan the school will complete a PIP and review the statutory documentation and request support from ACE. On agreement from the Local Authority, ACE will arrange the necessary support and ensure the pupil, parent and LA are fully involved in planning a personalised programme.

All schools and agencies referring children to ACE are reminded to ensure that they submit all relevant information to enable us to support the child, including enabling us to make proper risk assessments and best safeguard the child.