The DNA of an ACE Professional

The DNA of an ACE Professional

Ever wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter? Can you teach quadratic equations through football? Being a teacher at ACE will require you to use all of your creativity to find ways to engage pupils. How will you engage students disenchanted with education? What hook will you use to get them learning again? Teaching at ACE allows you to get to know your pupils inside out, leaving it to you to employ all your teaching skill to provide personalised learning opportunities.

You’ve planned the lesson of the century, and it collapsed spectacularly. Now you have a choice. Do you pick yourself up, give those pupils a second, third or twentieth chance and give them your best shot, or do you settle for teaching a mediocre lesson? At ACE, when things go wrong, teachers choose to give that class even more effort next lesson, with better planning, better resources and better differentiation to give their pupils the best chance of success possible. It works. Can you make this choice?

Our pupils expect everything from us and then more. Have you broad enough shoulders to take this? After a long day teaching and you have to complete a report for a multi-agency meeting and then plan another day of personalised learning after marking the books and giving great feedback. It is never dull, and every day is different at ACE.

It’s often said that being a teacher requires you to be able to act. At ACE, staff perform more skilfully than a Hollywood star. Whether it’s pulling a goofy expression to encourage a pupil to be in the right place at the right time, or doing an impression of a whale to help pupils with creative writing, you are going to need to think outside of the box.

The saying “expect the unexpected” has always been true in teaching, and at ACE this is true every lesson, every day. Thinking on your feet is a key part of the job. How will you face a pupil covered in green paint in one lesson, followed by teaching a new, higher-ability maths in the next? Put your best foot forward and you will succeed at ACE.

If the staff team at ACE were a rugby team, they’d win the Six Nations. Not because we’re giants, but because we work together. All staff across all sites back each other up and support their colleagues. Departments collaborate with each other and work for the best for the pupils we are entrusted to educate and care for. The social scene at ACE isn’t bad either.

If you think you have what it takes to join the ACE team, get in touch!