We are currently seeking support for a new school in our area. We may share this information with the Department of Education as part of our application for a new school.

Our aim is to create ‘Palmerston Forts Special School’ for high functioning pupils with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC).  It will be an Outstanding Free School ensuring academic and social success for our pupils by maintaining a flexible, supportive and adaptive approach for all our pupils from Key stage 2-4.

Our vision is to provide:

* A high quality specialist provision in which children with autism across the 9 – 16 age range will thrive.

* Opportunities to be part of a community.

* A broad and balanced curriculum aimed at creating an educational experience that prepares pupils for adult life. The curriculum offer will conform to national government expectations, catering for a range of abilities by providing a number of learning pathways that lead to a variety of post school destinations.

* A physical environment and teaching approaches that have been created in response to sensitivity to the particular needs of children with autism.

* A wide range of opportunities to access external agencies such as occupational therapy, CAMHs and CIT to support individual needs.

* An inclusive environment in which pupils feel safe and confident.

* Support so that pupils are happy and make outstanding progress academically, socially and in the development of their independence skills.

* Supportive experiences to the families of its pupils.

* A positive choice for parents.

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