There are three different routes for the referral of pupils:

  • Block funded commissioned places by a Schools Forum panel for those at risk or have been permanently excluded from mainstream education, direct school referrals for pupils on respite placement, LA in year admissions referral and pupils who are manage transferred by a Placement Panel.
  • Individually commissioned packages for high need pupils who are not part of a block funded agreement.
  • Medical referrals for hospital education as defined by the DFE for pupils who cannot access education. These are either referred through a locally agreed arrangement or are ‘automatically’ referred by being admitted into an NHS hospital.


ACE Schools Plymouth does not accept applications from parents/carers or self-referrals from potential pupils.

The admission procedure is as follows:


Block funded commissioned places

Block funded commissioning processes will be specified in a commissioning contract and will broadly follow the process below:

Stage 1) Commissioning body, school or panel submits either a locally agreed information passport, or the ACE Referral Form, to ACE Admissions email.

Stage 2) From date of admission over the next 4 working weeks ACE Admissions will assess the needs of the child, risk assess and review their provision. Admissions will then feedback to the commissioner, school or placement panel to either concur that the package cost is acceptable or submit a request for additional funding based on evidence of need.

Stage 3) All placements will be reviewed every four weeks and if there are changes then a new stated higher or lower band/package cost and justification will be submitted.


Individually commissioned packages for high need pupils

Stage 1) Commissioning body submits a fully completed ACE Referral Form with Part 1 of the Order Form section completed, this is sent to ACE Admissions.

Stage 2) ACE Admissions review the information and cost the package for agreement with the commissioner as Part 2.

Stage 3) Once cost  is mutually agreed the Commissioner sends back the part 2 and part 3 signed to ACE Admissions who will then sign the referral form and the package will start for the pupil within 5 days or as soon as is practicable.


Medical funded places

These are fully funded fixed number FTE places by the ESFA as per ACE schools funding agreement. Admission is either through through a locally agreed arrangement or alternatively through an admission directly to a hospital provision.

left_arrowAdmissions Panel

Pupil placement agreed at Panel with Headteacher/SLT, with completed PIP

right_arrowSchool Direct Application

Pupil put forward with completed PIP to Headteacher/SLT

horizontal_left_arrowSchool Admissions / PEX / 6 Day provision

With completed 

ACE SLT Allocation Group

PIP scrutinised, any missing info chased up. Package identified and initial discussion with school.


horizontal_right_arrowEmergency Medical Referral

With completed MINI PIP to Headteacher/SLT *ACE School Agreement Form required for out of Plymouth schools

SENCO Informed of any CP concerns, statements, YOS, LAC or vulnerable group status


PIP saved in the ‘Pending’ folder on ACE Network and date received entered into the file name eg Alison Nother 12.03.12


Learning manager or SLT visit the school (if needed) to discuss the package and targets, costs and ensure ACE School Agreement Form signed. Return copy of form to Bursar and inform if dual role subsidiary or single register


Admin Inputs details onto SIMS and moves PIP from Pending to a pupil folder under the allocated Centre on VLE/ACE Network. Also put name on spread sheets for attendance and SENCO. Pupil logons created for Vivo, Curriculum network and VLE


Admin Inputs details onto SIMS and moves PIP from

Learning Manager arranges meeting to explain and sign:

ACE Home Agreement Form

ACE Smoking Policy

ACE Phone Policy

ACE Parent Consent Form

ASPL form filled in by parent and pupil

Date given for test date and start date

Return completed forms to admin to be stored in pupil file


Pupil attends base line assessments and then starts integration timetable

Key Documents

PIP Form