Physical Education (PE)

Subject aims: Physical Education (PE) is committed to creating and providing an inclusive and inspirational learning environment where pupils are able to achieve and, indeed, exceed their potential. We will develop pupils as confident lifelong learners and provide students with the opportunities to gain a accreditation or qualification in Sport.

At ACE we believe it is about providing students with challenging, exciting and different experiences to help them learn and engage in education. PE can aid as a powerful tool that can help raise attainment, bolster social, emotional and personal development and contributes to the health and well-being of children and young people.

Entry Level Certificate

Entry Level Certificate in Physical Education will inspire and engage learners by providing a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study.

Why ACE choose an Entry Level Certificate?

Flexibility – Our Entry Level Certificate is made up of 100% internally assessed tasks and tests that can be taken at any point during the course.

Accessibility – There are many different ways that you can choose to teach this qualification and you can tailor this to your learners. This qualifications can be used for a variety of learners, including those who may find it difficult to access GCSE (9-1) qualifications, learners on taster courses or learners with learning difficulties.

What you will need to complete

80% Practical – 4 activities in total – at least 1 team activity and 1 individual activity.

20% Theory – analysis of performance.

Rock Climbing Award

Alongside other awards highlighted, ACE will provide students with a Level 1 Climbing Award scheme. This will provide students with the basic skills required to climb safely.

Students will need to complete a number of activities to show they have the competency to climb. This will include the following:

General Safety
Roped Climbing Safety Skills
Bouldering Safety Skills
Climbing Achievements

This course will be held over a number of consecutive sessions where students will be challenged. We look to build skills such a team work, goal setting and determination. All these skills are transferrable that will help students develop into a successful learner.

Trampolining Award

We at ACE believe in rewarding the whole child by giving our students as much opportunity as possible. Therefore we have linked with British Gymnastics Trampoline Proficiency Award Scheme to recognise the effort and ability of our students and ensure benchmarking of aptitude and skill standardised.

Students attending PE Trampolining sessions will work through the British Gymnasts Trampoline proficiency award scheme (award 1-10) which develops fundamental actions, shapes and landings required for a lifetime of enjoyment and technical progress within the sport of trampoline gymnastics. Students will receive a certificate for the highest grade they achieve.