Why ACE?

ACE Schools Plymouth gives every learner the opportunity to succeed through becoming successful learners, confident and healthy individuals and responsible citizens.

Quotes from OFSTED
Pupils say that learning is ‘better at the PRU’ than at their previous schools because ‘staff listen’.
November 2013
Previously disaffected pupils develop life skills that prepare them well to move on to the world of work because of the good quality of support that they receive.
November 2013
Relationships are strong and pupils are aware that there is always someone they can talk to.
November 2013
All groups of pupils make good progress during their time at the PRU.
November 2013
Pupils in Year 11 attain good quality accreditation.
November 2013
Parents are rightly pleased with the PRU and say that their child achieves well.
November 2013
All groups of pupils feel safe at their site.
November 2013

Who comes to ACE

ACE supports a wide range of young people who are not able to succeed in other school settings. Our approach is to make a school which meets the child’s need not make the child meet our need.

We offer a wide range of schooling to children from 4 years old to young people of 18 years

Whatever the need of the pupil, be it emotional, medical, social, academic or any other reason we aim to support and ensure that we enable them to meet their highest possible aspirations.

We run specialist support for pupils with medical needs, those who are young parents, pupils with emotional and anxiety problems, and pupils with social and care issues.

We believe in supporting the family and run groups to enable parents and siblings get the additional help they may need.

We have a dedicated team of counselling, mental health professionals and family support workers to better equip our pupils for life in the 21st century.

What we do

In the time a pupil is with us we measure their academic progress and set realistic but challenging targets for improvement in all the subjects.

We accurately assess the social and emotional circumstance of each pupil and set six weekly, measurable targets to ensure the students all make rapid progress in this area.

Attendance is obviously key to both social and academic success in school. We design every pupil’s timetable to engage and encourage high attendance. We reward success but will also enforce non-attendance penalties when needed.

In addition to great teaching in traditional subjects ACE offers a range of other opportunities:

We place a lot of emphasis on Physical Education and games to encourage healthy life styles and also engender great teamwork. We run school teams in as many sports as possible.

Our Learning Outside the Classroom programme includes a range of activities to challenge the pupils and lead to stronger emotional health. Wider ranging school trips and visits are frequent and can include visits abroad.

We place great store in enterprise activities and vocational skills and work leading to aspirational careers choices.

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) project brings all pupils the chance to learn the skills needed in today’s employment environment. We have won a range of specialist STEM competitions, often competing with large colleges and schools.

All pupils get the chance to learn computer programming and innovation.


Some vital statistics

  • In November 2013 ACE was rated as GOOD in all areas by Ofsted.
  • 100% of our leavers at sixteen achieved a meaningful qualification.
  • In 2013 to 2014 ACE taught 550 students.
  • students in ACE Health and Welfare made an average of 180% improvement in their attendance with ACE.
  • students across the school had reading age gains of 1.7 years in 2013 to 2014.
  • Our 5 A* to G results are double the national level for similar schools.