Creative Curriculum Days

Creative curriculum days

At ACE we take the development each pupil’s creative and cultural intelligence seriously. Our pupils come from a wide range of previous experience and have often not been given opportunities to expand their ability to be inspired by art and enjoy discovering skills and talents they have for being imaginative. We want our pupils to have a wide experience of the fantastic world of art and culture available to them.

Every three weeks the pupils will have a full day following new artistic and cultural challenges. They will experience 2D and 3D art, film, photography, cooking, dance, music, theatre and computer media to stimulate their interest and develop their love of being creative. Everyone will have a chance to work with new people and try new things. Each day will have a theme and follow a number of on and off site learning activities. Every member of staff will give creative opportunities linked to their own interests and subjects.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 who have a particular skill and wish to pursue a creative subject in more depth will be given this opportunity through a range of different providers who support our vocational qualification options.