Subject Team: S. Morahan, S. Sampson

Subject aims: The PSHE Department is committed to providing opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve. Promoting pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and to prepare pupils for the responsibilities, opportunities and experience of adult life.

Key Stage 3 Autumn Spring Summer Exam Board
Years 7-9 An introduction to the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Understand the importance of regular exercise to a healthy lifestyle.


Second part of the term to focus on young people’s emotional and mental health.

And then explain why self- esteem is important and how those who experience low self-esteem might be supported.




Pupils to begin thinking about the effects that various drugs can have on those who use them and their friends, families and work situations.


Understand the concepts of addiction and dependency and consider what help and support might be available.


Then a look at relationships, similarities and differences between the sexes. Providing some information about sexual reproduction but also the importance of relationships.

Helping pupils to express themselves in a positive way. Develop the communication skills needed to successfully negotiate within relationships


Concludes by introducing pupils to a range of agencies that are available to help people when they need support. Beginning with identifying personal ‘warning signs’.


Pupils then take responsibility for researching (and presenting information on) specific agencies that young people can turn to for advice.







Key Stage 4 Autumn Spring Summer Exam Board
Year 10


To understand the importance of a balanced diet to a healthy lifestyle.


Understand the importance of regular exercise to a healthy lifestyle.


Second half of the term focuses on understanding the social diversity of citizens in the local community.

Outline the diverse nature of the population in his/her local community.


Second part of the term looks focuses on credit and borrowing.


Understanding how different bank accounts work.


Understanding the role of financial organisations offering saving and borrowing.

Identifying career or work options and understanding the requirements for a work or training opportunity.


Be able to complete applications for work or training and complete all the paperwork and be able to present him/herself at an interview.


Be able to plan for future work or training.

APT Level 1 Award.
Year 11




To look at how jobs are advertised and understand what should be included in a letter of application.


Write a letter of application for a job and produce a Curriculum Vitae in their own words and to know what should be included.


Prepare for a mock job interview.



How our self-concept can be affected by PIES:

Physical Intellectual

Emotional and Social health wellbeing.


How physical and mental health and can be positively or negatively affected by: Balanced diet, Exercise, Learning, Sleep, Active lifestyle (hobbies etc.) and being social (spending time with friends and family).


Second part of the term will be spent looking at the following agencies –


Social services

They help people who are not able to help themselves



They offer counselling for individuals, couples and families. This charity is for anybody in need of help with a relationship issue.

Risk and Health and Safety –


Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation. CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. Health and Safety at Work and focus on the Health and Safety Work Act 1974.


Look at risk assessments and how to plan for and identify potential hazards




Handling Food. With a focus on

personal hygiene and cooking and heating concerns.


Discrimination in the workplace, with a focus on why some people are treated differently because of a characteristic such as race, colour, sex, intelligence, etc.




AQA GCSE Short Course in Preparation for Working Life.

Further information

Reading list and useful texts

  • KS3 – PSHE Education, Lesley de Meza and Stephen De Silva, Hodder Education, Book 1
  • PSHE Education, Lesley de Meza and Stephen De Silva, Hodder Education, Book 2


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